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Make the most of your marketing data

Empower marketing teams to uncover customer insights, improve campaign performance and drive ROI with fresh data from 500+ sources and automated transformations.

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What our customers achieve with Fivetran

Fivetran helps thousands of companies automate their data movement and scale their marketing analytics strategy.

savings in engineering costs
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Centralize marketing data into your destination of choice

Empower marketing teams to uncover insights and drive ROI with Fivetran's automated data movement platform.

discover the benefits

Take marketing campaigns to the next level

Adopt a strategic, data-driven approach to marketing analytics to accelerate growth, personalize outreach and engage with customers at scale.

Optimize your marketing funnel

Analyze metrics throughout the marketing funnel, such as time on site, click-through rate, cost per click, conversions and customer acquisition cost.

Increase your return on ad spend (ROAS)

Leverage prebuilt data reports that provide insights on ad campaign performance, website/app engagement, demographics and more.

Perform attribution analysis

Combine data from ad platforms, email campaign management and web analytics with an identity resolution platform to attribute a value to each interaction.

how to get started

Connect your marketing sources to Fivetran


Start by gathering credentials to key marketing platforms


With just your credentials sync your marketing data to your destination


Choose from prebuilt reports or build custom reports


Select the number of months of reporting data you'd like to include in your initial sync


Hit “Save and Test”


Find your marketing connectors

full-featured platform

Unlock holistic analytics

Marketing + sales analytics

Track and optimize the complete customer journey from marketing prospect to closed customers.

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Marketing + finance analytics

Merge marketing cost data with financial budget data to monitor marketing spend.

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Database replication

Effortlessly add operational databases to analytics projects and see the full picture.

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Automate transformations

Speed up time to insights with integrated transformations and prebuilt data models.

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