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Enterprise-grade data movement

Move large volumes of data with low impact and low latency from your database.

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Efficient, real-time data replication

From Oracle to SAP, the Fivetran platform supports the world’s largest workloads using a variety of database replication methods.

Change data capture

Utilizing log-based CDC, Fivetran can rapidly detect all of your data changes and replicate them to your destination via a simple setup, efficient processes and minimal resources.

Log-free replication

Fivetran supports log-free database replication with teleport sync, using compressed snapshots to replicate data from supported sources to their destination with just a read-only user.

High-volume agent

Replicate large volumes of data in real-time with Fivetran's high-volume agent database connectors. Speak to us to learn how we can support your other databases.

Deployment options

From on-prem to the cloud, database replication for every architecture 

Secure database replication for every architecture, from a fully managed to self-hosted experience that meets even the strictest of data security requirements, or hybrid, allowing you to benefit from the best of both worlds.

Fully managed

Choose the cloud service provider and region for a fully managed and automated data movement experience.


Control when and how data moves from your on-premises environment to the cloud for efficient and secure database replication.


Prevent data from leaving your environment by deploying Fivetran in your VPC or on-premises to meet the strictest data movement requirements.

how it works

Different databases and business needs require different methods of CDC — and we support them all


Log-based CDC

A binary log reader asynchronously parses the transaction logs directly to identify new changes within the database. This method has no impact on transaction processing and scales to support the largest database volumes via real-time CDC.

Trigger-based CDC

Every insert, update and delete operation not only performs its respective change, but a trigger fires to record the change in a separate change table.

Timestamp-based CDC

Changes are identified via a watermark with only the changes since the last sync getting replicated.

Difference-based CDC

A comparison of all data within a data set that runs best with small to mid-size data volumes.

Using HVR to power your data movement?

Fivetran acquired the industry's leading database replication solution HVR. Learn more about how Fivetran and HVR are supporting the biggest enterprise companies in the world.

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Get the full power of a data movement platform

Not just a single-point solution, our platform handles every aspect of your data movement.

Security from source to destination

Connect to your database quickly and securely with our robust connection methods.

Deeply ingrained data quality and integrity

Ensure data accuracy between your databases and destinations.

Accelerated reporting with out-of-the-box analytics

Enhance the value you receive from your data.

History mode

Analyze data from a particular point in time or see how data has changed over time.


Prepare your data for analysis with automated transformations upon load in your warehouse.

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case studies

JetBlue flies high with Fivetran to fuel real-time analytics

Get to know the customers who trust us to replicate data from their databases.


JetBlue carries customers to more than 110 cities around the world, with an average of 900+ flights per day. Taming and organizing terabytes of disparate data was challenging and it needed to create a one-stop shop for its data.


JetBlue solved its data accessibility problems by building a state-of-the-art modern data stack that includes Fivetran and Snowflake. It uses Fivetran’s log-based change data capture to replicate aircraft maintenance data from its on-premises Oracle databases to Snowflake. In addition, the team uses Fivetran’s SaaS connectors to quickly and easily replicate data from third-party systems into Snowflake.


Replicating your databases to give full context to your analytic programs?

Fivetran accelerates time to insights for all your analytic use cases.

Marketing analytics

Improve campaign performance and drive ROI with a complete view of your marketing spend and activities.

Finance analytics

Supercharge your finance team with faster reporting and deeper insights.

Sales analytics

Easily monitor sales pipeline and provide actionable insights to your reps.

Accelerate your business with database replication

Join thousands of companies using Fivetran to centralize and transform their data.

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