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Enable customers to authenticate a connection between their data sources and Fivetran, directly from your app or portal.

With Connect Cards, onboarding customer data has never been easier

Let customers authorize access to their data — entirely on their own — from your user interface.

React fast to your customers’ data needs

Hundreds of prebuilt connectors are ready to support your evolving product.

Automate your data transformations

Transform data into analytics-ready tables as soon as it’s loaded into your warehouse using the following capabilities:

case study

Untitled unleashes customer data with Powered by Fivetran


Untitled Firm builds data products that enable non-technical staff to derive key insights. But building data pipelines was one of the most time-consuming parts of any data project, accounting for as much as 44 percent of data engineers’ times.


Using Powered by Fivetran, Untitled can focus on building dashboards and reports from customer-owned data sources with minimal coding and engineering overhead. Using these rapidly deployed data pipelines, Untitled helps its customers, such as Delta Dental and Papa John’s, get answers to questions that involve marketing ROI, customer churn and more.

“Powered by Fivetran allows us to have a very seamless integration layer for our customers, and it did not take long at all for us to set it up.”

Aaron Peabody, CTO at Untitled Firm

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