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Accelerate data movement into Google Cloud with Fivetran

Fivetran automatically and securely moves data into Google Cloud to drive faster business insights.

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Connecting Google Cloud to Fivetran

Learn how to connect to Fivetran with Google Cloud in just a few simple steps.

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Modern ELT approach for extracting and 
loading data into Google Cloud

As Google Cloud’s Global Technology Partner of the Year, Fivetran provides automated data pipelines and deep integrations that simplify and optimize data movement into Google BigQuery.

Accelerate analytics to drive your business

Automate data flows into Google BigQuery for real-time analytical insights with 300+ data sources.

Modernize your enterprise data warehouse

Easily migrate your existing data warehouse from Teradata and more into Google BigQuery.

Reduce complexity and cost

Fully managed, self-healing Fivetran pipelines can be set up in minutes to load fresh data into Google BigQuery.

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Thousands of innovative companies use Fivetran and Google Cloud

Get to know the customers who trust us to power their data movement and drive business insights.

Fivetran feeds Nando’s appetite 
for data.

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GroupM delivers vital client insights with Fivetran.

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Chubbies sells short shorts – and bets long on data analytics enabled by Fivetran.

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Brandwatch gains powerful automated data insights with Fivetran.

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"We used to spend 80% of the time moving data over to build campaigns, but that’s fallen to 20%. It means we can focus more on building engaging emails and making sure we have the data back from campaigns to analyze.”

Miguel Puig, Technical Lead, Nando’s

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Optimize your retail marketing with Fivetran and Google Cloud

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